Are You Using Enough and the Right Facts for Decisions across Your Organization?

Organizations make tens to millions of managerial and operational decisions every single day with difference importance levels and frequencies. Such decisions range from highly strategic ones, such as decisions on entry to new markets to tactical ones, such as the next product that the sales agent will offer to a customer.

You can download PDF version of this whitepaper here.

As complexity of business world and pressure for quick actions, hence decisions increase, so does the risk of making the wrong decisions, unless provided with relevant facts. Some of these decisions are made based on solid facts and rules, whereas the rest are left to gut-feel of decision maker, and not necessarily the most important ones are based on the former.

Many organizations are trying their best to establish information base for their decisions, investing heavily in information solutions. Yet, whether these investments address the most critical decision making needs of an organization or not is not a question properly answered. Even most process-oriented organizations do not build up a clear view of their decision inventory.

Forte Consultancy introduces the ‘Enterprise Decision Map’, which is a tool for identifying all key managerial and operational decisions across an organization and mapping actions and effects against them. This tool also presents responsibilities in decision making and current state approach as well as ideal information requirements to ensure accuracy in decisions.

Using this tool, it is possible to identify which decisions are most critical for an organization, how they are made today, who are the actors in making such decisions and how their accuracy can be ensured using which information. This map is the ultimate source for identification of information needs across any organization, which builds the basis for defining:

  • Data collection requirements
  • Data analysis and mining requirements
  • Reporting requirements
  • Decision automation requirements
  • Information systems requirements

‘Enterprise Decision Map’ also brings in a new perspective to organizational roles and responsibilities, defining:

  • Makers of decisions, who compare alternatives and recommend a decision
  • Takers of decisions, who approve the final decision
  • Influencers of decisions, who contribute to making of decisions
  • Owners of decisions, who monitor performance and compliance with decisions
  • Actors of decisions, who take actions based on decisions taken

As a result, this map clarifies accountabilities in all key decisions and defines information needed for accurate decision making.

To receive additional information on ‘Enterprise Decision Map’, and learn about related Forte Consultancy service offerings contact:


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