Social BI for Intelligent Enterprise 2.0

In spite of the fact that Enterprise 2.0, the use of emergent social platforms within or between companies and their customers, has been in existence for years, even its most successful implementations are lacking in the ability to integrate successfully into daily business activities. Business Intelligence (BI) is one of the major areas that have the potential to bring Enterprise 2.0 to life and have it affect company bottom lines…


Failure to Launch: From Big Data to Big Decisions

Not long ago big data was all the rage, the trendiest concept in the world of business intelligence. Now, however, the hype appears to be fading fast, with few companies having realized the bottom-line benefits promised to them by various vendors from the undertaking of big data initiatives.

Hype or the Real Deal? The Big Data Conundrum

Big Data has become one of those terms you can’t avoid these days, all the rage in and around the business intelligence industry. The overwhelming buzz makes you wonder – is there something really there, or, is the hype the result of vendors and consultants trying to make another buck? You can download PDF version…