Failure to Launch: From Big Data to Big Decisions

Not long ago big data was all the rage, the trendiest concept in the world of business intelligence. Now, however, the hype appears to be fading fast, with few companies having realized the bottom-line benefits promised to them by various vendors from the undertaking of big data initiatives.


Aligning Employees Around Delivering Best-in-Class Customer Experience

Customer – employee interactions are the very backbone of the customer experience. Employees dedicated to serving the customer base deepen the overall company – client bond; indifferent employees providing poor service drive consumer and value loss, damaging the company in a way that is often irreversible. Companies need to align their employees around delivering the…

Optimizing the Customer Experience to Drive Customer Retention

Companies need to realize the single greatest asset they have aside from their product or service portfolio are their customer-facing employees, and, accordingly, ensure they are equipped and measured in the best manner possible to satisfy customers to the greatest extent possible. You can download PDF version of this whitepaper here. Think about it –…