E-Commerce Segmentation Whitepaper

E-Commerce Customer Segmentation

With over 80% of global consumers trying online shopping at least once, the greatest opportunity for e-commerce companies is to build a long-lasting and profitable relationship with this already existing audience. Such a strong relationship requires utmost focus on the customer as a whole and making sense of a flood of real-time information that goes well beyond demographics or shopping behavior.

Credit Card Customer Segmentation

Credit Card Customer Segmentation

300 billion credit card transactions are expected to take place each year by 2018, creating 300 billion opportunities to understand customers better. Unfortunately, many banks remain ignorant of this wealth of information at their disposal, and they opt for mass marketing and costly above-the-line communications.

Targeted Roamer Marketing – Maximizing Inbound Roamer Revenues

While inbound roaming is a lucrative business for operators in specific countries, too common is the company relying on old-school practices to market it, focusing only on mass outreach and non-customized value propositions. Operators wanting to retain and grow roaming revenues need to start tapping into targeted marketing practices before their competitors do… You can…

Visitor Relationship Management – Optimizing the Online Lifecycle

As companies become more proactive and effective in targeting across traditional direct channels, it’s time to start focusing on customizing interactions online, seeking to gain a better understanding of each website visitor and making the most out of each visit. Website Visitor Relationship Management (VRM) follows the path of CRM, mimicking the use of similar…

Effective Channel Management Strategies – Segmenting the Channels

Channel analytics, the often neglected sibling of customer analytics, presents significant opportunities for companies seeking to better their channel-related performance, especially those in industries with large distribution networks (such as financial institutions, telecoms operators, retailers, automotive distributors, etc.)… You can download PDF version of this whitepaper here. What? In today’s marketplace, where the number of…

Moving Beyond One-to-One Marketing – Getting Personal with Enterprise Customers

For years, telecom operators have been adapting the “one-to-one” customer treatment concept and applying it to their enterprise customers, essentially seeking to treat each enterprise client differently. Though this treatment method is effective with consumers, it’s not the right way to manage an enterprise client – it’s time for operators to treat the same customer…